Several times a year I give courses to learn how to draw, how to use pastels and acrylic paint and the various steps on how to achieve abstracts. 

Many past and present participants of these courses embrace new and exciting paths by letting go of the figurative in their paintings. It is a path which never fails to challenge and excite.

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My main object in giving lessons is to encourage the practice of diverse disciplines so that once the artist has them at their fingertips space is created for their imagination to roam free.  Only by actually practicing art and making the practical side our own can we finally find the space to get into touch with our inner intuition.

In my newly created Art-Zone studio a maximum of 6 people can be comfortably taught and I am able to give everyone close individual attention.  At whatever stage they find themselves, participants are lead towards their individual goals.

From the people who have always wanted to do this but never found the time, to the creative soul who wants to add another layer onto their canvas of experience, everyone is welcome. Age and experience is not an issue.