Cinzia Bailo
Cinzia Bailo (born Rome, Italy, 1954)

At a young age my parents moved to Africa. After having returned to Italy to attend the Art Academy in Turin I married and moved to Holland where I have lived and worked since.  By virtue of these happenings in my life I have varied interests in art and am fortunate enough to be able to express myself and teach in three languages.

I have exhibited in group and solo and take part in atelier routes. Through the years I have found  pleasure in sharing my experiences with others and watching them flourish.  It never ceases to amaze me that my lessons can produce such varied, individual results.

I have a profound interest in all disciplines that art has to offer and I enjoy teaching those that give me the most satisfaction.  For some years now my personal paintings have shifted from a formal and classical style towards that of the abstract expressionism and experimental mixed medium paintings.

Inspired by the effects that develop through the use of mixed materials in painting, I place a strong emphasis on the creative process and personal expression. 

I firmly believe that everyone who wishes to learn the basic principles of drawing, colour theory and composition will come to enjoy art more profoundly.  When these disciplines are firmly in place, our subconscious can surface unhindered and the most satisfying work can be created.