Deelname Kunstlint in de Lente, Soest Open Studio on 23 & 24 march 2013, 12:00 til 17:00

December 2012
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The message that I want to convey with this project is that every individual, coming from any background, should be able to live with others, with respect and consideration. This is the essence, the DNA of the Helix.

This project has been commissioned by Portaal. The Helix will have a permanent place in the apartment complex named “Zonlicht” (Sunshine) in Soest.

My Helix Project came into being through a symbiosis of the following thoughts:

  • Helios is the Greek God of the Sun – Sunshine (“Zonlicht”)
  • Helix is the DNA shape – Life, Society
  • Helix is a part of the ear – you are being heard
  • Looking upwards – striving for ideals

Ultimately, the Helix symbolizes the efforts of a community to live together harmoniously and with respect.

During the month of December you are welcome to see the progress of the ‘birth’ of the Helix being painted live. The formal inauguration of the Helix has not been fixed yet, but will be made known as soon as it is set.

The ‘birth’ of the Helix can be seen in the AVU-Kunstkader, Nijverheidsweg Noord 90 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

I will be working every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00 together with Christine Hooft, assistant.

The progress of the painting of the Helix can be viewed either on this site or on facebook. I will be interested to hear your reactions.

Looking forward to seeing you at the AVU-Kunstkader!